Every home needs to get rid of the moisture caused from everyday living. Our environment and the quality of air we breathe in our home can be affected by the way we live, whether it’s moisture from our showers, drying our clothes, preparing food or even heating our home, without expelling these pollutants we run the risk of damp, condensation issues and allergies.

One common method of extraction is by installing intermittent fans in the areas where odours and moisture are created. We can advise you on great products in this market specialising in low energy consumption and with next to no noticeable running noise.

Another option is installing a centralised mechanical extract system, similar to the above however in each area where odours and moisture are created rigid ducting is installed and all routes are connected to a single central extract fan located in a convenient and discreet location.

Both systems are an effective method of getting rid of unwanted odours and moisture, however a centralised system will consume far less energy and requires less on-going maintenance. To make sure your considering the right system speak to one of our trained advisors and customise a system to suit you. Request a call back link.

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